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Punch Needle Tutorials, Projects and FAQ

Foundation Fabrics - The Good, The Bad, The Pretty

Foundation Fabrics - The Good, The Bad, The Pretty

Foundation fabrics can be overwhelming. It was here that I got stuck when I first got started. In this post, we dive deep into all things foundation fabrics. The pros, cons, price, where to buy and a video showing each fabric in motion. Plus tips on which fabric to use depending on the project you want to tackle.

All About Frames - An Overview of Punch Needle Frames

Have you wondered why you see so many different frame options for punch needle? Have you been dying to try one of the frames but unsure how to go about it? This blog post is for you. It's all about frames. Wooden embroidery hoops, plastic embroidery hoops and wooden frames, including artist canvas turned to punch needle frame. The Pros, Cons, pricing and how to prepare each frame for punching.
Punch Needle Frame Overview
Punch Needle Tools - An Overview

Punch Needle Tools - An Overview

You are hooked! You’re ready to start! But wait, why is it so hard to find a tool? Why can’t I buy all of this in one place? Punch needle... Read More

Artist Canvas Turned Into Punch Needle Frame

Learn all the basics of making a punch needle frame out of an artist canvas. Tips on how to use a staple gun, how to remove staples, the stapling flow to staple the Monks cloth to the frame. As well as the design process and inspiration behind the punch needle art.
Artist Canvas Turned Into Punch Needle Frame
DIY Punch Needle pillow Rug Hooking Pillow

DIY Punch Needle Pillow

Do you love punch needle? Have you finished your first project and now want to move on to something bigger? Something you can cuddle up next to? Something to change the look of your living room? 

The punch needle pillow is the perfect next step in your punch needle crafting journey. 

Turn you newest love of punch needle into something that makes your home shine. 

Click here for step by step instructions for DIY punch needle pillow.