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Live Zoom Punch Needle Course - Saturday, September 19, 1-3 pm CST

Wanting to start Punch Needle but not sure where to start? Or staring at the supplies you bought 3 months ago and not finding the time to learn? 

Come hang out with us and learn a new craft!

Introducing the first ever Live Online Punch Needle course! 


What You Will Learn!

~ T Method - Stretching your fabric in your frame

~ Threading a Punch Needle tool

~ Basics of How to Punch Needle

~ Back stitch - loops are your pretty side

~ Top stitch - your stitches are your pretty side

~ Long stitch - Using a punch needle and with a tapestry needle

~ Whip stitch - For finishing your edges

~ Using a stitch to attach a gold hoop for hanging




$35 is Live Zoom meeting only. A list of class supplies will be sent to you prior to class. - International, US and Canada


Note: Design will be similar to photo shown, but it will not match exactly. 


If you can't attend the live session, replays will be sent out to the entire class. Replay will be sent the week after. Replay link will be available for 2 weeks only. 


Course Only - No supplies
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