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What is #100daysofpunchneedle? 

A fun challenge to get you creating again!!! Daily! If you’re like me, creating and making art is your last priority. You tend to all your daily things and then when you can finally make something, you’re so tired, you just want to relax. 

100 Days of Punch Needle is a way to prioritize yourself, your creativity and your art. Creating art makes us feel alive, proud and energized. For 100 days, we’re going to tap into our souls, make them feel proud and bring back that feeling of ‘I can conquer the world!’ 


#100daysofpunchneedle is part of #the100dayproject. The 100 day project is an art challenge to create art everyday for 100 days. Here in Punch Needle world, we choose to do Punch Needle everyday. If you want to join us but in another art medium, please do!! We accept all art here as it all inspires and unites us! 

I’m in! Now what do I do? 

Overall, it’s easy to join. Simply put, you decide now you want to create every day for 100 days, starting January 31 (this Sunday). That’s it. Punch needle everyday for 100 days. After each punch needle session, take a pic and share it on IG using the hashtag #100daysofpunchneedle. 

I’ll be posting daily this year, checking in on the hashtag, commenting, chatting and cheering you on! 

Recap (because it’s super easy to join and I don’t want you to miss it). To participate you: 1. Punch everyday for 100 days. 2. Post your project on IG with #100daysofpunchneedle. 

But wait, is it really that easy?

Yes, it really is. 

However, if you’re a creative like me, you will come across some resistance along the way. So I’ve come up with a few tips to get you thinking about your project and help you set yourself up for success!! 

Tips for Success

Tip #1: Set a Designated Create Time

Wait, where did you go? Come back!! If you’re anything like me, you just checked out on that tip. ‘Nope, I’m not good at routines. I will resist that one with all my might.’ Haha! I hear ya!! I’m the queen of ‘go with the flow’. I hate routines, I hate planning, I cringe when I think about doing something everyday at the same time. BUT I’m also not creating most days (and it’s kind of my job). 

So stay with me. This will be my first year at creating a plan, reflecting more often and choosing to create at a specific time every day. We’ll be doing it together!! 

Try to choose a time early in the day. And it helps if you have a trigger action to remind you of your promise. For example, I plan to create every day at 10 am and my trigger action is turning on my childrens’ reading time. Each day when I set up their reading, I will create. My days are not typical so your’s might be every morning after you eat breakfast. Or every afternoon after you’ve gotten home from work and enjoyed a hot cup of tea. 

Try to make it at a time when you will be relaxed and able to get into creative mode. As well, as well fed and high on energy. If you’re tired and hungry, your art will be rushed and not as enjoyable. 

Tip #2: Vow to Show Up 

I want to encourage you to make a vow to yourself to show up every day. Make a decision here and now that you are committed to Punch Needle for 100 days. This decision will be recalled later in the challenge when you aren’t feeling like creating. 

I’m really good at staying committed to something if I have a streak going. If I can log 2 or 3 weeks of continual daily progress, every day, I am all in. But if I let even one slack day, the entire challenge is at risk of being deserted. 

That’s my personality. This year I am committing to create every day for 100 days straight. Because I know if I don’t do it every day, I most likely won’t finish. 

But that’s me. If you are good at keeping your commitments on your time and allowing off days in between, GOOD FOR YOU! That’s awesome and you should do your thang! 

Tip #3: Keep It Short

I’m an all in kind of person. If I’m going to do something, I can spend hours upon hours obsessing over this one thing until it is done. This means there’s a good chance I show up on day one and try to do a huge wall art piece all that same day. Buuuuuuuttttttttt…..this isn’t possible for 100 days. And it’s also not as fun. It makes for stressed creating, which is never as good as my true potential. 

Set a designated creation time. I commit to 15 minutes every day at 10 am, after the kids are set up with their reading time. I, also, allow myself more time on the weekends if I’m really into the flow, trying to stick w/in 30-45 minutes. 

Tip #4: Reflect and Plan

I know, that pesky planning thing again. As much as I resist planning, I’ve found that planning is exactly what I need in my life to create less stress. And it’s actually fun once you get the hang of it! Who doesn’t like to feel progress and satisfaction?!?! 

B/c planning is not foremost for me, I tend to be reactive in all things. In years past, this looks like me doing my punch needle project right before bed, tired and exhausted. Now don’t get me wrong, Punch Needle is so easy and relaxing that I have used it in the past to wind down for the day and relax before going to bed (it can help you sleep better, seriously!). And there will be some days in my project this year where I will punch at the end of the day. But this year I plan to look ahead and schedule those kind of projects. If I see a busy day ahead, I plan to have a project ready for easy, simple punching right before bed. Something I’ve already started and can easily take out, punch a few minutes and be done. I may even have one project set aside just for the busy days. 

I also plan to have a day for reflecting on the past week and planning for the week ahead. I’m setting aside Sunday afternoons for this time. Every Sunday after lunch, sit down for 15 minutes. I plan to ask myself the following questions: 

What worked this week?

What didn’t work? 

What things did I procrastinate? 

How can I make this easier? 

What did I love? 

What projects were most fulfilling? 

Is my time slot and trigger event working for me?

Then I plan to write out a rough plan of what I will work on each day. I’m guessing some days will deviate from the plan, but I like the idea of having a set plan so I can sit and play. 

Do I punch needle everyday?

That’s up to you!!! My projects usually involve a little bit of everything. Making frames, designing a pattern, punching, getting design inspiration and even taking an art class. In my world, everything I do typically leads to inspiration for a punch needle art piece. And because the everyday can come together wonderfully in an art piece, I count it all. You can also vow to do actual punching each and every day. It’s completely up to you. Heck, you can even commit to taking photos of your existing pieces in artful, stylish ways each day. It’s all art in my eyes. Whatever makes you feel alive and inspired, throw it in! 

Next Steps

#100daysofpunchneedle starts on Sunday!! Today, your assignment (if you shall accept) is to sit down and create the following: 

  1. Decide what your projects will look like daily. Punch needle every day? Anything punch needle related counts? 
  2. Pick a time every day to create. Just pick the first thing that comes to mind, try it out for a week. If it doesn’t work, try another time. 
  3. Set a trigger event to remind yourself to create!!
  4. Write down on a piece of paper or journal: I commit to participate in #100daysofpunchneedle where I will create art every day for 100 days. Sign your name and smile!
  5. Set a target creation time frame, i.e. 15 minutes. Reminder: Keep it short so you can stay committed!
  6. Set a Reflect and Plan day. Choose a day and time frame to reflect on the past week and plan the week ahead. Again, don’t overthink this one. Try out different days and time. Give yourself grace and keep at it until you find a time that works for you. 
  7. Get Ready To Start!!! Tomorrow is day 1!!! Here we go!! 

I do hope you will join us this year. If you’re not quite prepped to join us on day 1, start by sketching some design patterns until you get all your supplies. 

I am very, very excited for this year’s event!!! We will create! We will inspire! We will interact and enjoy each other’s company. Let’s do it!




If you have any questions, email us at info (at) northshorecrafts (dot) com.