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A Word from the Founder

North Shore Crafts founder

I started North Shore Crafts as a way to share my experiences with creating art and my love of punch needle. I've been crafting and creating ever since I was a little girl. The excitement of a new project and the joy of completing the project kept me coming back for more. But the middle part wasn't always enjoyable. Spending hours searching for the right supplies, often settling for whatever I could find at my local craft store. Most of the time, the craft store had old fashioned styles, fabrics, colors, and yarns. It was no wonder my completed project wasn't what I wanted it to be. And talk about lack of emotion. How can you be creative and listen to your muse when you have to search through thousands (and I mean thousands) of different fabric bolts?! And then once I had the supplies, I'd come home and sit for hours trying to figure it all out. There were many curse words and glasses of wines to get through a single project. Then I found punch needle! It was easy to start and easy to learn. Even if I made a mistake, it still looked beautiful. No counting squares and following a tiny color guide (my cross stitch days...of a bear...that was something my Grandma would put on her wall, I wasn't even going to use it.) No cursing at a sewing machine because the bobbin ran out just at the very end of my hem. No complicated machines. What?!?! You don't even have to tie a knot?! It was a match made in heaven.

My first project led me through a maze of outdated websites, hard to come by punch needle tools, $50 of yarn shopping (why do I have to buy an entire skein of yarn for this tiny area?? why???) and don't get me started on foundation fabrics. This experience led me to open North Shore Crafts. Your one stop shop for everything Punch Needle with modern and fun designs and supplies. Because your muse shouldn't have to sit by twiddling her thumbs waiting for the fun to start. 

At North Shore Crafts, my mission is to make your next crafting experience fun, memorable and stress free, so leave everything to me. 

If you want to start a Punch Needle Crafting Club, contact me for discounted prices on bulk ordering. 


Shawna Fosket

North Shore Crafts Founder


North Shore Crafts Founder - Punch Needle Store