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Double Hoop Bonanza Supplies Kit

Follow along with the Double Hoop Bonanza 3 part project on YouTube!! 

We make the setup easy for you! Each kit includes all of the scrap fabric and yarn needed to complete the project, Monks cloth, and the 2 high-quality Nurge hoops. Punch along to each part of the project (3 parts total).

Each part will take 10-20 minutes of your time. That's right, you can have a completed work of art in just 3 weeks, with only 20 minutes of your time each week!! 


Materials Included:

  • All the Fabric/Yarn needed for the project. Includes:
    • White Cotton Fabric
    • Goldenrod Linen fabric strips (fabric will be cut into strips for you)
    • Acrylic Wool Blend Dark Green Yarn
    • Chunky Cotton Light Grey Yarn
    • Jumbo Cotton Dark Yellow Yarn
  • 18"x18" Monks cloth fabric
  • No. 1 (3.93") Nurge high-quality wood embroidery hoop
  • No. 8 (12.20") Nurge hoop
  • Double Hoop Bonanza Design template
  • How to Punch Needle instruction booklet

NOTE: The dark green and light grey sections will differ from the photo. I was limited in supplies for these 2 colors and didn't love working with them, so I switched them out with dreamy yarns!! 

Additional Materials Needed:

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