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Live Zoom Photo Books Course - Tuesday, Aug 23 and 30, 5-7 pm CST

Do you and your kids LOVE to look at old photos? Do you find yourself looking at old photos and think 'How did I forget about that?!' or 'I can't believe how much our home has changed!!' It's a proven fact that our brains don't remember things well. We can forget entire wonderful parts of our lives. 

We are drawn to taking photos for a reason. Just as we're drawn to looking at the past. We exist for these connections and memories. 

But what do we do with all of these photos?? How do we remember to look at old memories? In my house, it's our photo books!!! On any given day, you can walk into our living room and find one of my children looking through a photo book. They absolutely LOVE them! It warms my heart so much to see them smile and tell stories from the past! 

But who has time to make photo books?!? Am I right??? Yes, they're great, but it's hard to find time to make them. 

That's where this course comes in! We're going to commit to the time, put it on the calendar, and work on them together. Think of this as your personal Photo Book Boot camp. 


What to Expect

This isn't going to be your typical online course. I want to hang out and chat, meet like-minded people that love to create, and form bonds. There will be ice breakers, break-out sessions (b/c it's always easier to get to know people in a smaller group), topics of discussion, as well as an opportunity to tell us about your other projects. 

Have you ever worked months and months on a project, finally complete it, and can't wait to show someone what you've created?? Then when you show it off, you're disappointed by the lackluster responses? I've been there. The disappointment is real and it hurts. But if you're in the right crowd, like-minded friends that understand the work and dedication, they get it and they give you everything and more in response! 

In this class, we will share and ooh and aah and we will get it! The more you flaunt, the better!

Also, there is a reason this is a 2-week class. There will be homework and we will commit to action and hold each other accountable. I want you to not only learn, I want you to feel inspired and accountable to make a photo book. I want you to develop a system and routine to make photo books on a regular basis. 


What You Will Learn!

- The Why behind your reason to procrastinate - Why aren't we getting them done?

- Your Personal Photo Book style

- Tips on taking photos -  How to get great photos of your family

- Editing photo tips and tricks

- Tips on how to make a Photo Book in little time (it doesn't have to take hours unless you want it to)

- Basic photo book program tutorials (we'll use Shutterfly and Chatbooks in this class)

- My ways to style your book with ease




$25 is Live Zoom meeting only. 


If you can't attend the live session, replays will be sent out to the entire class. Replay will be sent the week after. Replay link will be available for 2 weeks only. 

$25.00 $50.00
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