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Live Zoom Punch Needle Course - Tuesday, July 19, 5-7 pm CST

Summer is in full bloom! Do you find yourself running around to activities, family gatherings, get-togethers, and just, in general, trying to soak up every last minute of sun and fun?! It all feels good and you're having fun. But does it feel like you're missing something? Some part of your creative side? Some part of that relaxing, meditative quality of creating? 

Me too!! I'm loving the sun and water, but I found my stash of fabric scraps this week and found myself longing to make something. All the textures, all the feels, all so pretty!! 

And what better way to create than to do it among friends and like-minded craft peeps! Get it on the calendar, save the date, and get it done. I need it as much as you may need it. Otherwise, I won't create and I'll continue feeling empty. 


So please join me Tuesday, July 19, 5-7 CST! It will be a group craft event, via Zoom. 

To ensure a simple and easy project (because it is still summer and HELLO sun and water are waiting!!), we'll be working on a basket. No frames, super easy setup, thread and punch. Plus, you can punch as little or as much as you want. Finish it in the 2-hour class or continue punching by the pool all summer. 

What to Expect

This isn't going to be your typical online course. I want to hang out and chat, meet like-minded people that love to create, and form bonds. There will be ice breakers, break-out sessions (b/c it's always easier to get to know people in a smaller group), topics of discussions, as well as an opportunity to tell us about your other craft projects. 

Have you ever worked months and months on a project, finally complete it, and can't wait to show someone what you've created?? Then when you show it off, you're disappointed by the lackluster responses? I've been there. The disappointment is real and it hurts. But if you're in the right crowd, like-minded friends that understand the work and dedication, they get it and they give you everything and more in response! 

In this class, we will share and ooh and aah and we will get it! The more you flaunt, the better! 

A complete list of supplies with recommended links for purchasing will be sent once purchased (plan on needing a basket, yarn or fabric, and a punch needle tool). 

Are you new to punch needle and wonder if you can attend? Definitely!! This is the perfect way to start.


Basket Project Ideas

Pool towel/sunscreen holder

Condiment/napkin bowl

Library books carrier/holder

Toy keeper

Car ride games keeper

Personalized bedroom trashcan

Knitting/crafting project holder (so easy to carry from room to room or to the pool!)


What You Will Learn!

~ Threading a Punch Needle tool

~ Basics of How to Punch Needle

~ Top stitch - your stitches are your pretty side

~ Long stitch - Using a punch needle and a tapestry needle



Enjoy half off the price of the class for a limited time only! Now only $20. Price will go up in the next round of classes. 

$20 is Live Zoom meeting only. A full list of class supplies will be sent to you prior to class. - International, US and Canada


Note: I will send multiple design options out prior to the meeting for you to print and use if you'd like. Cougar print, LOVE, and GROW will be among them. You are also free to punch a design of your own. If you have a request for a template, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. Photos shown are past projects to give you ideas of what can be done. 


If you can't attend the live session, replays will be sent out to the entire class. Replay will be sent the week after. Replay link will be available for 2 weeks only. 


$20.00 $40.00
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