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Live Zoom Wall Arrangement Course - Tuesday, Aug 2 and 9, 5-7 pm CST

Do you want your home to feel homier? Have you walked into someone else's home and just felt at home? The home feels lived in and beautiful, and the design feels next level? 

In 2006, my husband and I bought our first home. I devoured home design books and magazines. I obsessively watched HGTV and any home remodeling shows I could get my hands on. I wanted that feeling. I wanted to perfect the well-designed home.

In the last 16 years, I have had many failures (No Honey that does not look like school bus yellow on our wall - yes, yes it did). But I've also mastered the key to that next level of design!  

I know it sounds too easy, but truly it is the number one detail in a home that can make or break the design. And that is wall arrangements!! If you can master wall arrangements, it doesn't matter what floors you have (yes that pink stained carpet becomes an afterthought) or the color of your walls. Find yourself following the lasted wall paint color trend?? Only to find it didn't uplift your home as much as you thought?? Look no further, this course is for you! 


In this 2 week Wall Arrangement Master course, you will learn how to make a wall arrangement that fits your style and your home. I'll share tips on how to save money, how to add meaning to your wall arrangements, and how to hang them on your wall. 


What to Expect

This isn't going to be your typical online course. I want to hang out and chat, meet like-minded people that love to create, and form bonds. There will be ice breakers, break-out sessions (b/c it's always easier to get to know people in a smaller group), topics of discussions, as well as an opportunity to tell us about your other home projects. 

Have you ever worked months and months on a project, finally complete it, and can't wait to show someone what you've created?? Then when you show it off, you're disappointed by the lackluster responses? I've been there. The disappointment is real and it hurts. But if you're in the right crowd, like-minded friends that understand the work and dedication, they get it and they give you everything and more in response! 

In this class, we will share and ooh and aah and we will get it! The more you flaunt, the better!

Also, there is a reason this is a 2-week class. There will be homework and we will commit to action and hold each other accountable. I want you to not only learn, I want you to feel inspired and accountable to change your space. I want you to fall in love with a space in your home after our time is complete. 



What You Will Learn!

 -  The Why and How of Wall Arrangements - Why they make such a big difference and how they can go wrong

- Your Personal Wall Arrangement Style 

- Tips on Finding Photos, Frames, Mirrors, Drawings to fill your Wall Space

- Tips on how to save money gathering your Finds

- Tips on how to hang on your walls

- Ways to include meaningful items in your wall arrangement




$25 is Live Zoom meeting only. 


If you can't attend the live session, replays will be sent out to the entire class. Replay will be sent the week after. Replay link will be available for 2 weeks only. 

$25.00 $50.00
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