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North Shore Crafts is a community for crafters and creatives living along Vancouver’s stunning North Shore coastline. Follow along for inspiration on everything from quilting and jewelry-making to painting, knitting, and more as we share our passion for crafting by the ocean, lakes, and mountains.

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If you’re looking to get into punch needling or grow your existing skills, North Shore Crafts is the ultimate resource. This online and brick-and-mortar craft store offers everything you need to start punch needling or take your projects to the next level.

Founded by lifelong crafter Shawna, North Shore Crafts is the premier retailer for punch needle tools, materials, tutorials and more. They offer high-quality supplies, workshops, design inspiration and excellent customer service to help all punch needle artists thrive.

This comprehensive guide will give you a complete look at North Shore Crafts’ offerings for punch needle artists. We’ll overview their selection of tools and materials, online education opportunities, design inspiration, founder story, and more. By the end, you’ll understand why North Shore Crafts is the go-to punch needle headquarters for crafters of all skill levels. Read on to explore everything this amazing craft store has to offer!

An Overview of North Shore Crafts’ Offerings

Founded by lifelong crafter Shawna, North Shore Crafts is the ultimate online and brick-and-mortar destination for punch needle artists. They offer everything an enthusiast could need to start or improve their punch needling skills.

Top-Quality Punch Needle Supplies

North Shore Crafts provides a wide selection of high-quality punch needle tools and accessories. They carry all the essentials like punch needles in multiple sizes, yarns in different weights and fibers, fabrics like monk’s cloth and burlap, along with handy items like grips and stands.

Their products are specially chosen to meet the needs of all punch needle artists. Everything is tested for quality and durability.

Online Courses and In-Person Workshops

Beyond just supplies, North Shore Crafts offers a wealth of educational opportunities for crafters to develop their skills. Their online video workshops cover topics like getting started, different techniques, and designing your own patterns.

They also hold in-store classes and events at their brick-and-mortar location where attendees can learn hands-on while meeting other punch needle enthusiasts.

Blog with Tips, Tutorials and Inspiration

The North Shore Crafts website includes an informative blog updated weekly with new posts. Crafters will find tutorials walking through key punch needling skills, as well as tips for troubleshooting problems and caring for projects.

The blog also offers tons of inspiration with beautiful photos of finished pieces, ideas for patterns and color schemes, and profiles of top punch needle artists.

With its unbeatable selection of retail products, educational content, and passion for the craft, North Shore Crafts has everything punch needle devotees need to excel in this enjoyable fiber art.

North Shore Crafts’ Selection of Punch Needle Tools

One thing that sets North Shore Crafts apart is their expansive selection of high-quality punch needle tools. They offer all the essential needles and accessories to meet every punch needling need.

Different Size and Style Punch Needles

North Shore Crafts carries punch needles in a range of sizes including #3, #5, #7, and #9. The optimal size depends on your fabric choice and desired finished look. For example, a #7 needle may work well for burlap projects.

They stock needles in a variety of styles too. Options include ergonomic handles, screw-on tips, and plastic and wood handles to suit your preference. Popular budget needles like the Amy Oxford punch needle are available as well as pro brands like Bohin.

The Super Punch Adjustable Tool

A standout product only available through North Shore Crafts is the Super Punch. This revolutionary tool invented by founder Shawna allows crafters to adjust the loop length while punch needling for more control.

The Super Punch has an adjustable dial and versatile head. It eliminates frustration and waste from inconsistent loops and enhances the creative process. This game-changing needle is perfect for both beginners and experts.

Other Helpful Accessories

To complement their wide needle selection, North Shore Crafts also provides every accessory a punch needler needs. This includes needle grips and stands for comfort, along with needle threaders, point protectors, and high-quality scissors.

Crafters can also shop for project bags and storage options. And yarn bobbins help keep your floss or wool neatly wound as you work. With North Shore Crafts’ tools and accessories, you’ll be ready to punch needle anywhere.

With its vast array of top brand punch needles, unique Super Punch invention, and every accessory imaginable, North Shore Crafts is a one-stop-shop for equipping your punch needling toolbox. Discover their unparalleled selection of high-performing tools today.

Choosing the Best Fabrics and Yarns

The fabric and yarn choices you make are key to executing your punch needle visions. North Shore Crafts provides all the options needed to select the ideal materials for your projects.

Fabric Types and Finishes

The most common fabric for punch needle embroidery is monk’s cloth. North Shore Crafts offers monk’s cloth in different counts, like 10 and 14. Higher count fabrics have a tighter weave for finer details.

Burlap is another popular punching fabric, providing a natural, rustic look. North Shore Crafts has various burlap colors and textures to choose from.

You can also find fun fabrics like striped jersey and pre-printed patterns. Different finishes like dyeing, distressing, and waxing create unique textures and looks.

Yarn Weights and Materials

North Shore Crafts provides a spectrum of yarn weights suited for punch needling, from bulky roving yarns to fine embroidery floss. Heavier yarns excel for filling in backgrounds, while lighter weights allow intricate details.

You’ll also find every type of material – wool, cotton, acrylic, silk and more. The fiber you pick impacts the finished look and feel. Cotton works well for dishcloths while wool provides durability.

Kits for Convenience

North Shore Crafts offers curated project kits with pre-selected fabric, yarn, and pattern so you can start punching right away. Kits provide the perfect materials for each design and remove the guesswork from choosing fibers and fabrics.

With North Shore Crafts’ huge array of monk’s cloth, burlap, jersey, yarns, and kits, you can always find the ideal materials to bring your punch needle dreams into reality.

Browse their unparalleled fabric and yarn selection to get started on your next punch needling project today.

Learning Punch Needling with North Shore Crafts

Beyond a vast array of supplies, North Shore Crafts also provides stellar learning opportunities for punch needle enthusiasts through online workshops, free tutorials, and in-person classes.

Online Video Workshops

North Shore Crafts offers a robust lineup of online video workshops to build punch needling skills. Recorded by experienced teacher Shawna, these video lessons cover everything from punch needle basics to more advanced techniques.

Some examples are Intro to Punch Needle, Flying Punch Needle Style, How to Finish Your Pieces, and Color Theory for Punch Needling. Each workshop includes detailed step-by-step instruction and a resource handout.

Free Tutorials on the Blog

The North Shore Crafts blog contains a wealth of free written and video tutorials perfect for learning punch needling fundamentals. Helpful topics include threading your needle, starting a new project, and keeping an even fabric tension.

The tutorials walk through each skill with clear directions and photos. Crafters can access these lessons anytime.

In-Store Classes

At the North Shore Crafts physical store, crafters can partake in in-person classes and events led by Shawna and other teaching artists. These small, hands-on sessions allow you to get live coaching and tips while creating a starter project.

Class themes range from intro sessions to holiday designs and technique-focused topics. Visitors will also meet and learn from other attendees.

With its online workshops, free blog tutorials, and in-store classes, North Shore Crafts offers punch needling instruction for all learning styles and skill levels. Take advantage of these educational resources to master punch needle arts.

Behind the Brand: Founder Shawna’s Story

North Shore Crafts grew out of founder Shawna’s lifelong passion for punch needle embroidery and helping fellow crafters. Learn about her journey in creating this beloved punch needling resource.

Passion for Punch Needle Crafts

Shawna has been punch needling since she was a little girl and it remains her favorite craft. After punch needling for over 20 years, she had amassed a vast collection of fabrics, yarns, tools, and most importantly, knowledge.

She dreamed of sharing her love of this fiber art with others. That passion ultimately led her to launch North Shore Crafts.

Developing the Super Punch Tool

A major milestone was Shawna’s invention of the Super Punch adjustable punch needle. The idea came from her own frustrations using traditional punch needles.

After months of development and prototypes, the Super Punch needle with adjustable loop technology was born. This revolutionary tool makes punch needling easier and more consistent.

Commitment to the Punch Needle Community

Above all, Shawna founded North Shore Crafts to cultivate and support the punch needling community. She wanted to help others discover the joy of this craft.

That commitment remains central to the business today. In addition to amazing products, North Shore Crafts provides top-notch learning resources, workshops, and events to inspire crafters.

Shawna’s lifelong dedication and creativity built North Shore Crafts into the ultimate punch needling headquarters it is today. Discover the craft supplies, tools, and education that only her passion could produce.

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