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Modern Punch Needle

Premium Quality and Modern Designs

Tools & Supplies

Foundation fabrics, frames, punch needle tools


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More {Punching} for your Money!


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Not your grandma's punch needle. 


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Our quality guarantee that never loses its punch. 


My best adjective for punch needle: satisfying!  I love how you can complete a project in a fairly short time frame and easily chat with a friend or listen to a podcast while you do it.  The techniques are not complicated - I easily learned the basics in just a few minutes - and mistakes can easily be fixed.  And, best of all,  my projects turned out so PRETTY. 

Brooke Petermann

This was the perfect combination of crafting and calming for me!  I loved being able to tailor the patterns to my own wishes; through color, texture and loop length. And getting the hang of this was quick-even starting from having no clue how to start.  You literally can't screw it up!  It didn't take longer than an hour start to finish and left me wanting to do more.  Fun, fun, fun!

Kalika Jantzen

Thank you for sharing with ME!! I had never heard of punch needle until my aunt passed away this spring and she loved all things fiber. We were going through her things and I found a kit of hers (not my style). When I found your kits I was super excited to learn how to do it, and a simple style I love!

Suze B